The Holy Water Temple or Tirta Empul Temple

When we start about spirtual trip, we don’t need to be too far from ubud, there is a temple which only takes about 35 minutes from ubud center, the name of the temple is Tirta Empul temple. The temple located at Gianyar regancy, in specific at Manukaya village.

The history about the temple is, there was a kingdom with the king’s name Mayadenawa on that area, Mayadenawa was treating the people badly, he didn’t allow the people to pray to the god, and when the times came, the god of Indra came to the erth to do the war with his army and Indra win the fight, Mayadenawa ran to Tampak siring village and he built a poison spring water, and Indra look after him with his army, most of his army drank the poison water and all of them die, and Indra did a meditation and he sticked his stick to the ground, after that the holy water come up from the ground and cure all of his dead army.

After all of the history the temple was built between 10 to 14 century and they named the temple Pura Tirta Empul, until now the local people believe this holy water can clean your spiritual body, and give them a positive energy.

Is this temple worth to be on your bucket list?

This temple is awesome for you, who want to do a spiritual journey or may be just for knowing how the temple is look like.

What we can see other than this temple?

To do the trip to ubud you will not see just one place, you will see like Camphuan Ridge Walk, Monkey Forest Sanctuary, and if you want to travel more to the north you will see like Tegalalang rice terrace, Gunung Kawi Sebatu temple, and Gunung kawi temple.

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