Gunung Kawi Temple

Let’s talk about spiritual trip, where you can travel and getting a peacefulness. This temple is really close to the other temple (Tirta Empul Temple) the temple is located on Gianyar regancy, and more specific is at Tampaksiring village. The temple is easy to access, and it is about 35 minutes from Ubud, while your driver is parking the car park, and you have to go down by the stairs to the temple. There are more then hundred stairs down to the temple, but don’t worry during your walking the there are some beautiful view to see, like rice field, river with beautiful jungle surrounding.

We will not talk a lot history of the temple, this temple was built on 11th century, this era was when the king of Udayana lead the kingdom on that area, and other part of the history there was a man who’s has a super power carved the stone on that river, his name is Kebo Iwa, Kebo Iwa was the legend of a great man on Bali history in that era. This is why the meaning of this temple is Gunung Kawi, Gunung mean a mountain, Kawi mean carving, so it is become a mountain with carving.

Is this temple worth to be in your bucket list?

This temple is gorgeous, and full of art history, and during your visit you can see beautiful panoramic view, even you can do a short tracking on the rice field.

What we can see other than this temple?

To do the trip to ubud you will not see just one place, you will see like Camphuan Ridge Walk, Monkey Forest Sanctuary, and if you want to travel more to the north you will see like Tegalalang rice terrace, Gunung Kawi Sebatu temple, and Tirta Empul temple, and Goa Gajah temple.

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