Beautiful sunset on Padang-padang Beach

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Padnag-padang beach is located on the south area of Bali it takes around 50 minuts to go to this beach from seminyak, this beach has well known after holywood film producer used this place as the back ground of their film with famous star Ms Julia Robert for Eat Pray and Love in 2010. The counters of the beach with cliff and many standing rocks white sandy beach and open views to Indian ocean. The name padang-padang is probably due to the grass growing along the area on the land where no big trees can grow in the area, so the view was grass all over the area. The sunset on this beach is very beautiful and somtime the waves is good for surfing.

Is this place worth to be in your bucket list?
This beach is absolutely beautiful, nice sand, gorgeous views. this beach is one of my favorite beach on the south of bali, but you have to becarefull with the monkey, most of them stay close at the entrance, but on the beach is no problem, to eter the beach you will pass a small cave down and you will see the beach.

What will we see around this area?

If you are planning to do a day or half day tour, you can visit GWK culture park, Balangan beach, Melasti beach, Pandawa beach, Single Fin beach, Bingin beach, and Uluwatu temple.

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