Ubud Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

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When we start talking about ubud, there are so many thing we can talk about, from the culture, nature, village, art and even forest. And let’s talk about forest, there is a natural forest located in the heart of Ubud we call this monkey forest, but this forest is not like Central Park in New York.

The original name of this forest is Mandala Suci Wnara Wana and well known as monkey forest. It is located at Padang Tegal Ubud village, there are around 749 monkeys live aroun this sanctuary. They are divided into 6 groups, namely in front of main temple group, forest conservation group, central point group, eastern group, Michelin group, and cemeteries group. The Monkey Forest Ubud has 186 species of the plan and tree in 12,5 hectares of the forest. The Monkey Forest Ubud has 3 temples inside namely Dalem Agung Padangtegal Temple, Holy Spring Temple and Prajapati Temple. The owner of this place is Padangtegal community and managed by Mandala Suci Wenara Wana Management. The purpose of the management is to keep the sacred of the place and promote the Monkey Forest Ubud will be featured of international tourist destination.

Is this place worth to be in your bucket list?

The position of this place is really strategic for travelers who’s staying in the center of ubud or doing a sight seeing from the south to ubud, when you come to this area you will see around, there are so many monkeys before you enter the forest, inside the forest there are some temples like what I’ve talked about, and that makes monkey forest become the easiest destination on ubud center.

What will you see around this area?

To do the trip to ubud you will not see just one place, you will see like Ubud traditional art market, Ubud palace, Campuhan rige walk, and if you want to travel more to the north you will see like Tegalalang rice terrace, Gunung Kawi Sebatu temple, Tirta Empul temple, and Gunung kawi temple.

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