Ubud Palace And Traditional Market

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Ubud is one of the best travelers bucket list, when we talk more specific place in ubud center so one of the place is ubud palace, the palace was made in 17 century, there are a lot of history we can know about this palace, starting from when Majapahit kingdom collapse, until most of kingdom family move to Bali and build a new kingdom the name of the kingdom is Gelgel, and the kingdom spreaded in most part of Bali one of the kingdom is in ubud Palace.

This ubud palace and ubud in general become so popular at beginning in 1930, we have a lot of visitors from other countries to visit ubud, this is because of the ability of Tjokorde Gede Agung Sukawati whose ruled Ubud in speaking Dutch and English. He builds a lot of guest house for visitors, and invited artist Walter Spies to Ubud to live and paint in Ubud. Until now ubud is very famous about traditional art, and you can see that in ubud market, or some museum around ubud center.

Is this place worth to be in your bucket list?

This place is really worth to see, you can see some art or cultur about bali, there are so many things about art that you can find here.

What else we can see around ubud?

To do the trip to ubud you will not see just one place, you will see like Camphuan Ridge Walk, Monkey Forest Sanctuary, and if you want to travel more to the north you will see like Tegalalang rice terrace, Gunung Kawi Sebatu temple, Tirta Empul temple, and Gunung kawi temple.

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