Rent A Car In Bali For Your Bali Trip

Rent Your A Car In Bali For Your Bali Holiday

Bali Is one of the famous island for holiday and Bali is small but you can explore many thing like mountain Beach and culture village. Bali tourism is known from 1930 but until now Bali has no proper public transport to support tourism, most people in Bali are using their own scooter, motor bike and car. Right now there are some way to have transportation service for your holiday in Bali by hiring a local driver, renting a car and renting a scooter.

Hiring Driver For Your Bali Holiday

By hiring a driver for your Bali holiday you are choosing a safest option for your holiday in Bali but it will cost a lot of money if you do that for long stay in Bali. Hiring a Bali driver will cost at least IDR 750.000 for 10 hours and usually there will be extra charge for extra hours and it cost around IDR 50.000 per hour.

There are some limitation when you hire a Bali Driver if you need to stay in remote area where most of driver live at south of Bali and sometime they are not available to do the trip in remote area.

Rent A Car In Bali

Rent a car in Bali is one of Flexible way to do your trip in Bali. With car you can go and explore Bali on your own without worrying to find a Bali Driver enjoying the tropical forest on remote area.

Car rental price in Bali is not so expensive and if you rent it for a month you can get it starting IDR 130.000 per Day with car insurance and free delivery service.

Rent Scooter In Bali

Renting scooter in Bali is one of fun option for your holiday in Bali, it’s very mobile and easy to break the Bali traffic. But riding scooter in Bali become more complicated at the moment because our government now requiring an international bike driver license where we are sure not many people have that because most people are driving a car in western country.

This option are very good for you if you have motor bike driver license, it makes your trip in Bali more fun.

The option is you choice and you can do what is the best for your holiday in Bali

Here is some optinon car for rent in our company where you can choose which car is good for your trip, small car or big car and automatic or manual.